Our Policy

Politics is about people, and policy changes lives. Our Party values will drive our policy development.

Our policies will be integrated and interconnected. They will be developed with people – for people.

Our bottom lines are simple. They will inform our policy development:

  • Entrench the New Zealand Bill of Rights – we protect our basic human rights. 
  • We take race out of everything – it’s about need.
  • We protect private property rights.
  • We believe in evidence over ideology.
  • We believe in less Government intrusion in our lives.

We will release policy discussion documents and detail on our policy closer to the election, so that people know exactly what they are voting for before they cast their vote. If you have a passion for policy and would like to contribute to developing policy with us, please get in touch.

Some of our other Party positions are as follows:
  1. We are a sovereign nation and won’t be controlled by overseas influence (e.g., the WEF, WHO, UN).
  2. We say no to a cashless society.
  3. We oppose co-governance (Five Waters, He Puapua, centralisation and over regulation).
  4. We believe in free speech - ensure a fair, balanced and democratic media.

As a Party founded on farming, freedom, and family, we stand with our farming and rural communities.

We have made our position clear since last year - we do not support the climate hysteria that punishes our farmers and rural communities. Farming is the backbone of our economy.  

DemocracyNZ was, in fact, the first party to openly say that we will scrap the unsustainable Zero Carbon Act, and are strongly against the farming tax. We are driven by doing what’s right, not by polls.

Our policies will include an environmental framework that enshrines property rights, and is focused on outcomes rather than restrictions.

We are not afraid to discuss our position on unworkable regulation, such as He Waka Eke Noa. National’s policy says all the right things, but we do not believe in virtue-signalling interventions on sectors like our ag sector - we are already world leaders.

DemocracyNZ believes in less Government intrusion in our lives, and to truly stand with our farming and rural sector - we need bold policy that supports the sector to thrive, not just a whitewash over broken policy.

We will be announcing our farming policy over the coming months before the election, which we believe is fit-for-purpose and helps Kiwis get ahead. We look forward to sharing it.

Please contact Steve Cranston on steve.cranston@democracynz.org or Matt King on matt.king@democracynz.org if you have any queries regarding our farming policy.  

Keeping communities safe is a high priority for DemocracyNZ. With experience on the frontline, Party Leader and Candidate for Northland, Matt King Northland and Chris Robinson, DemocracyNZ Candidate for East Coast, are leading our safe communities policy development, to be released in the coming weeks. Watch this space for policy updates. 


Safe communities

For queries on our safe communities (law and order) policy pillar, please contact our Party Leader and Candidate for Northland, Matt King on matt.king@democracynz.org


For queries about our farming policy pillar, please contact Steve Cranston, Candidate for Waikato on steve.cranston@democracynz.org

Bill of Rights

For queries about our Bill of Rights policy pillar, please contact Kirsten Murfitt, Candidate for Tauranga on kirsten.murfitt@democracynz.org 



For queries about our health policy pillar, please contact Matt Shelton, Candidate for Ōhāriu on matt.shelton@democracynz.org

The economy

For queries about our economic policy, please contact Gordon Malcom, Candidate for Waimakariri on gordon.malcolm@democracynz.org


For queries on our education policy pillar, please contact Lee Smith, Candidate for Taranaki-King Country on lee.smith@democracynz.org

Our policy areas