Steve Cranston announced as DemocracyNZ candidate for Waikato

14 November 2022


14 November 2022

Farming advocate stands for DemocracyNZ in Waikato electorate

Farming advocate and climate emissions expert, Steve Cranston, will contest the Waikato electorate for DemocracyNZ in the 2023 election.

In making the announcement today, Party Leader and former Northland MP, Matt King, said it is a great pleasure to welcome Steve into the Party - and it further confirms DemocracyNZ as the “Party that stands with farmers and rural New Zealand”.

“There is a growing number of Kiwis across our great country who have had enough of the broken promises and the selling out of New Zealand to meet unrealistic global obligations - particularly in respect of the climate change Paris Accord and the Zero Carbon bill demands,” Matt says.

“Steve Cranston is an expert on climate change issues and carbon emissions policies. He is an integral member of our team as we further expand on our climate change policies that will actually protect our farming economy. Through the growing Groundswell NZ movement, Steve challenges the climate establishment with inconvenient truths.”

Steve Cranston is based in Eureka, Waikato, where he manages a dairy farm. He has worked as an agricultural and environmental consultant. Steve was the spokesperson on carbon emissions for Groundswell because of his committed advocacy for the rural sector and reputation for being a straight talker.

In accepting the candidacy, Steve said his love for rural New Zealand and growing concern over Labour and National’s climate policies were what drove him to reach out to DemocracyNZ and ultimately seek the Waikato nomination. Steve has an agricultural science degree from Lincoln University, as well as a sound understanding of farming. He understands why many regulations are unworkable, which has underpinned his political growth.

“Our farming sector and rural communities are under threat from the climate agenda this Labour government is inflicting on our country. I am also deeply concerned that the opposition parties in Parliament won’t prevent unrealistic climate policies from destroying our way of life.”

“The National Party speaks with a forked tongue – on the one hand it says it stands with farmers, while on the other it maintains policies that will still destroy farming communities, just at a slower rate. DemocracyNZ won’t sell out our farmers. We will end the carbon emissions madness,” Steve said.

Today reaffirms DemocracyNZ’s commitment to stand up for freedom, Kiwi families, farmers and rural New Zealand.

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