OUR POLICY: The Bill of Rights

14 July 2023

DemocracyNZ policy announcement: We will uphold the Bill of Rights.

DemocracyNZ was formed during the era of some of the worst COVID-19 policies, including the illegal and immoral vaccination mandates.

We saw the historical parallels, and recognised the huge danger the country was in if its elected representatives choose to trample basic human rights, especially in a situation of a supposed “emergency” where those very rights are most crucial.

DemocracyNZ sees the New Zealand Bill of Rights as a key protection for New Zealanders’ basic rights and freedoms. We will uphold and preserve the rights protected by the Bill of Rights by refusing to support legislation that overrides the principles of the Act. We will act as the conscience of Parliament to uphold ordinary Kiwis' rights, and we will not allow them to be overridden by Government.

Given the opportunity to enter Parliament, we will develop constitutional amendments to solidify the rights set out in the Bill of Rights, so that future Governments will need to abide by the provisions of the Act.

Alongside these changes, DemocracyNZ will also work to outlaw vaccination mandates, and repeal key recent restrictions introduced by the Labour Government which infringe on Kiwis’ fundamental rights and freedoms. We will also work to end race-based discriminatory policies.

Our full policy wording is available here


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