OUR POLICY: Agriculture

01 August 2023

Farming is the backbone of New Zealand. We stand with our farmers and rural New Zealand.

In our policy: 
  1. We will veto any new taxes on farming to keep food affordable, support our rural economy, and support work to improve emissions efficiency.
  2. We will focus on improving environmental outcomes through locally targeted actions rather than regulation.
    Methane is a short-lived gas, so we will promote adopting a more accurate measurement methodology, based on the latest science.
  3. We will refocus spending and research on adapting to a changing climate. We will repeal and replace the Climate Change Response Act 2002.
  4. We will stop carbon credits for forestry in order to reduce carbon farming and associated rural job losses, and protect food-producing land.
  5. We will require climate research that informs policy decisions to apply the scientific method, to ensure decisions are robust and evidence based.

You can read our full policy wording here.

Please contact Party Leader, Matt King on matt.king@democracynz.org for any queries.

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