NIWA investigation

17 April 2023

NIWA investigation

In the late 1800’s, storms the size of Cyclone Gabrielle were a one-in-a-four-year event. New Zealand had a colder and low carbon atmosphere, yet large storms were more frequent.

How then, can NIWA say extreme weather events are increasing due to climate change? Historical weather records show the exact opposite is true. This is likely why NIWA refuses to allow other researchers full access to their taxpayer-funded database to cross-reference their work.

For our premier atmospheric research institution to make such demonstrably incorrect statements on extreme weather trends, then double down and not publicly acknowledge their error, would suggest something bigger is at play.

The independence of climate change research from the Government funding it receives, needs much closer scrutiny. We have OIA requests to Dr Ayesha Verrall, the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation to try and establish what steps the government has taken to get NIWA to update their incomplete database.

Is the Government doing everything in their power to ensure the integrity of climate research or are they complicit in the false narratives?

We do know if the Government is currently using advice from NIWA for their policy development in the full knowledge that it does not use the best available data.

Steve Cranston, Candidate for Waikato and Kirsten Murfitt, Candidate for Tauranga, together have worked on an official open letter to NIWA. You can read it here

DemocracyNZ will restore trust in climate science. 


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