Voting age is not for the court to decide

21 November 2022

21 November 2022


DemocracyNZ Party Leader, Matt King said the Supreme Court ruling recommending that the legal voting age is lowered to 16 is not for the courts to decide.
Matt said the age at which Kiwis can take part in elections is a matter for Parliament - and should be considered only after a nation-wide referendum.

“The age at which Kiwis should be allowed to vote is something for the community and society to decide, through their elected representatives. It’s not a decision that can be made by the courts,” Matt said today.

While DemocracyNZ is not currently in Parliament, the Supreme Court ruling on voting age is too important not to give a clear indication as to the Party’s intention because there will be further pressure on our elected representatives to implement the court’s recommendations.

“It needs to be clearly stated that DemocracyNZ will campaign against any legislative change to the voting age in the current political environment. There needs to be a full nationwide discussion on the matter so that all of the concerns around lowering the voting age can be canvassed,” Matt said.

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