Make your vote count

14 March 2023

The most strategic vote is the one you give a Party you truly believe in.

Never in the history of MMP (other than in 2020) has there been less than three coalition partners. Right now, the Māori Party decides who our next Govt will be - and they won’t be going with National or ACT, so that’s another Labour Govt.

A vote for Matt King in Northland and DemocracyNZ around the country is actually a vote to guarantee a change of Govt. Those parties that supported the undemocratic mandates (even though they now pretend they didn’t), have lost a lot of support - all this support now sits with DemocracyNZ.

Career politicians rely on voters having political amnesia, but people affected will never forget the parties didn’t stand up for what’s right - when it really mattered. DemocracyNZ showing in the polls twice after only five months of being registered shows that we are the fastest growing political party in New Zealand. This support is because we are not afraid to stand up for what’s right when it really matters, and we are focused on doing what’s right instead of what will make us popular in the polls. This means often saying what is unpopular at the time, but is the right thing to do.

We will be the conscience of Parliament. Kiwis are fed up with parties campaigning on catchy slogans but not living by these values. 

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