Fieldays important for economy, but farmers are angry

04 December 2022

The Fieldays agricultural show at Mystery Creek (Hamilton), was a great success - yet again showcasing our exciting and innovative farming sector. It is an event that’s a great financial boon for local businesses struggling in a badly managed economy. 

Thousands of people from all over the country attended the event this year. “Over the last four days we spoke with a huge number of farmers and people whose businesses rely on a vibrant and functioning agri-sector,” Party Leader Matt King said.

“There’s a genuine enthusiasm by our farmers to remain competitive and innovative in the global market and that was demonstrated by the extent of the products on display as well as the number of pavilions and stalls,” he said.

“But farmers are angry; they’re over putting on a brave face when they know the future is going to be extremely challenging with new climate change laws that put enormous barriers to running a viable farm business in front of them.

“They are angry that the government is putting through laws that will force them to cut production and reduce incomes. They worry for the economy and what it will do to the cost of food production in a time when there’s a severe cost of living crisis,” Matt said.

“The anger was palpable, and that can be seen by the video that went viral of farmers yelling abuse at the Prime Minister when she spent 30 minutes visiting the event on the first day. That anger is ubiquitous and could explain why other visiting Labour MPs didn’t wear any clothing that had the Labour logo on it.”

Matt said many farmers were also very wary of the National Party, which also won’t rule out following the same path on the climate change madness. “Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government chooses to ruin our economy to gain global brownie points as a climate change leader. However, National won’t say it will overturn these flawed laws and this weak stance being taken by National was a key concern of many we spoke to at Fieldays.”

Ending the climate change madness is a key policy for DemocracyNZ.

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