DemocracyNZ officially a registered political Party!

13 October 2022
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14 October 2022

DemocracyNZ is officially registered with the Electoral Commission to contest the 2023 General Election.

Party Leader, Matt King, announced the milestone registration at the Christchurch roadshow meeting on 13 October, with 400 people in attendance. Matt and the DemocracyNZ team have held more than 30 roadshows throughout the country in the last six months, with growing numbers attending each meeting.

“We launched DemocracyNZ on 18 March this year, to offer hope to tens of thousands of Kiwis who feel disenfranchised by our politicians and the political parties currently in Parliament.”

“In that time, we have been hugely encouraged by the growing support we have received since embarking on this journey,” Matt said.

“The last two years have demonstrated there are fundamental shortfalls in our legal, bureaucratic and political institutions. Tens of thousands of New Zealanders want change that will protect their rights, protect their liberty, and protect their future.”

“We believe that politics is no longer about being on the left or on the right – it’s about what’s good for this country and more and more voters are realising that the party they have traditionally supported over the years no longer represents them or their interests.”

Hardworking, everyday Kiwis are waking up that this Labour Government’s adherence to global agendas, such as climate change, is bankrupting our future and destroying our rural communities. Unfortunately, the National Party has not provided a strong Opposition to the current Government, and that’s why it is important that DemocracyNZ is in Parliament next year.

Many people have justified concerns over a burgeoning Wellington bureaucracy, and decentralisation is a major pillar of our Party. DemocracyNZ wants less government in Kiwis’ lives, not more.

Matt said there are challenges ahead, which bring huge opportunities for DemocracyNZ - that the strong team of volunteers and supporters are motivated to meet head-on. We will work tirelessly to show Kiwis why we will be the conscience of Parliament. “There is a hunger for change, and DemocracyNZ will be that change,” he said.