DemocracyNZ 2023 candidates

04 July 2023

The 2023 Election will be the most important one of our lives. Over recent years, we have lost the rights and freedoms that have made New Zealand a country we feel proud to call our home.

Crime is out of control, our health system is in crisis, truancy is at an all-time high, and the cost of living is making it difficult for Kiwis to put food on the table. Kiwis deserve better. We will not be that party that campaigns on slogans and says all the right things only just before an election. We will stand up for what is right, even if unpopular at the time - because that is what New Zealand needs.

Politics requires courage - and that is often standing up against the status quo and speaking up for what is right. That is why each candidate with DemocracyNZ is standing in this year's election - to fight for our rights and that of our future generations. 

We have consistently spoken against the mandates, against the climate hysteria, and against the indoctrination in education. We believe in less Government control in our lives, we do not support a cashless society, and we believe in Kiwis having the right to choose. Protecting and preserving the Bill of Rights is a fundamental position for us, it is what DemocracyNZ was formed on. 

DemocracyNZ, since becoming registered in October 2022, has been the fastest growing political party in New Zealand based on the polls. This support is because we are not afraid to stand up for what’s right when it really matters, and we are focused on doing what’s right instead of what will make us popular in the polls.

Career politicians rely on voters having political amnesia. When looking at who to vote for in this year's election, remember the parties that supported the mandates (including those not currently in Parliament but asking for your vote now) - and think about whether you would like them to represent you again in Parliament. To see change in New Zealand politics, we must be part of it - our votes count. 

Never in the history of MMP (other than in 2020) has there been less than three coalition partners. In the 2017 election, the ACT party achieved 0.5% in the polls after more than 20 years in existance, but entered Parliament because they won a seat. The threshold for entering Parliament is winning a seat or achieving 5% - and DemocracyNZ is confident of being able to achieve both, with your support. 

DemocracyNZ will be the conscience of Parliament, and with your vote, we will be your voice in Parliament. We have just over 100 days to change the Government - and DemocracyNZ can be in the new Government.

Meet our team of talented and hardworking Kiwis, standing as your DemocracyNZ candidates in this year's General Election - grassroots Kiwis wanting to make a difference for their family, and yours.

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