Royal Commission of Inquiry a whitewash

06 December 2022

DemocracyNZ calls for a full inquiry into the Government’s decisions on the COVID-19 response, including the impact of mandates.

The Labour Government’s call for a restricted and limited Royal Commission of Inquiry into its COVID-19 response is a cynical move to deflect criticism from its attempt to subvert future Parliaments from repealing Five Waters when it is passed into law, Matt King, DemocracyNZ
party leader, says.

“There are two clear aspects to this Royal Commission of Inquiry,” Matt said. “The first is simply to deflect negative political attention away from the Government’s unconstitutional attempt to subvert future Parliaments. Secondly, this is a desperate attempt to vindicate Labour’s incompetence and will be a whitewash,” Matt said. 

“It’s very telling that this announcement comes the day after the Government backed down on entrenching the Five Waters law. Labour and the Green parties were caught red-handed, and the Prime Minister has been shown up to be either a bad liar or she doesn’t have an understanding of the laws going through Parliament.”

Matt King said the Government has “calculatingly limited the scope of this inquiry so that any discussion over the vaccine injured or vaccine efficacy is not covered, leaving thousands of people unable to present evidence.

“This inquiry is akin to letting the Nazis run the Nuremberg trials. There’s no ability for it to hear evidence around the vaccine rollout, nor how the government lied to us and forced Kiwis to choose between taking the vaccine or losing their job. The list of important matters it can’t
hear evidence on is longer than the list of things it can.

“This inquiry will be a hatchet job orchestrated by a failing and corrupt Government and will result in nothing but an attempt to absolve those in power who chose to segregate and discriminate against hundreds of thousands of Kiwis,” he said. 

A Royal Commission of Inquiry, by independently appointed commissioners, has been a key policy area of DemocracyNZ since it was formed in March this year. “We called for a wide inquiry into the Government’s decisions around the pandemic and its COVID-19 response. DemocracyNZ will push to widen the inquiry after next year’s general election when Labour is tossed from office. We will push to include prosecution of public servants found to have knowingly misled New Zealanders over COVID-19 during the last three years.”

DemocracyNZ was formed on the basis of democracy, unity and equality for all New Zealanders – fundamental driving principles around which we believe any inquiry should be centred.

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