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If you would like to donate to DemocracyNZ, you can do so by completing the form below and paying via direct credit.

If your donation is for the Party, please transfer to ANZ 06-0878-0831857-00 and use "donation" and your full name in the reference field.

If your donation is for a particular candidate, please transfer to ANZ 06-0878-0831857-01 and use the reference below.

MK20 Matt King

ML60 Martin Langford

JO90 Juanita O'Connell

DA100 Doug Allington

GM110 Gordon Malcolm

CR130 Chris Robinson

RS140 Roger Small

DB150 Diana Burgess

LT170 - Leao Tildsley

SB180 - Sarah Brewer

CL190 - Craig Laybourn

SC200 - Sandra Campbell


Thank you for being part of the DemocracyNZ team, we are so grateful for your support!

DemocracyNZ is required to maintain accurate donor records, including your name and address. A financial year runs from 01 January to 31 December. The Electoral Act requires all political parties to record donations annually. 

Any New Zealand citizen or legally registered New Zealand voter, company or organisation can donate an aggregated total of up to and including $5,000 per calendar year to DemocracyNZ without having their details publicly disclosed.

However, DemocracyNZ is required to maintain accurate donor records including your name and address. These details are kept confidentially by DemocracyNZ, and used exclusively to meet our requirements under the Electoral Act. If this donation, by itself or when combined with others made in the current calendar year, exceeds $5,000, your name and the amount you have donated must be publicly disclosed. Your donation is not tax deductible. 

You can find out more about these rules on the Electoral Commission websiteIf you have any questions about these requirements, please email