We stand for democracy, equality, and unity

for all New Zealanders.

It’s not about left or right anymore, it’s about going forward as a country, led by those Kiwi values that bring us together - that unify us.

The Bill of Rights and protecting our democracy are fundamental drivers of DemocracyNZ. We welcome everyone who shares our values to join us. We stand with you.

Our values will be our compass

Our values

Our values will be our compass, they will guide everything we do. They will guide our candidate selection, they will guide our policy development, they will guide our decision-making. 

Our democracy matters
We stand for democracy and equality, with freedom of choice, expression and access for all New Zealanders.

Being inclusive matters
We’re inclusive and open. We strive for a fair, unified nation without discrimination or division.

Our economy matters
We back a resilient economy that empowers businesses and their communities to thrive.

Our environment matters
We protect our environment, while respecting the property rights of all New Zealanders.